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The Germination

When the sprouting begins, its a good idea to get them closer to the light  by a window without direct sunlight.

This should start preparing them for being transplanted.

I get pot plants ready with compost and minerals (I use old vegetables, leaves, egg shells and used teabags)

In the meantime, I still spray the seedlings with water around twice a day.


Growing the Meds


Since I started noticing these scaly bumps appearing on my legs, feet and torso, I began reading up about what it could be. Well there seems to be a variety of suggestions and cures on the Web. All this overwhelming Information overload has left me confused.

I went to see my Doctor and she suggested that it could be a combination of skin disorders and prescribed a Cortisone based topical cream. This seemed to help but the flares did not stop.

I have since decided to use cannabis oil which I have been researching for some time. I have seen many articles where this oil can be infused with various Topical Creams to sooth the itching and prevent rashes from spreading.

Since I am familiar with the oil and the plant, I have decided to take you through a journey of growing the plant (Cannabis) from seed to ointment for skin conditions.

Hang on and enjoy the journey.

I will start by germinating the seeds(which can be procured from

or various sites online

The seeds can be placed in cotton wool, sprayed with water once a day and left in a warm place for germination.

do not leave in direct sunlight.


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My First Blog


I’m lying here imagining myself as a successful writer. Wow, me! Anyway, I never thought about writing until recently when I started understanding how blogs work. My earliest recollection of my essay writing was in standard 7…now called grade 9 I think. That memory cannot exclude my English teacher who walked into the classroom the first day of my first English lesson in high school and caught some blokes and me fooling around at the back. He immediately singled me out and made me sit in the front of the classroom which became my seat for the next 2 years in his class. If anything, Mr Lalla was a very good teacher. His command of the English language was near impeccable. I learnt a great deal from despite his apparent dislike for me. I also remember him whacking us with his short cane while marking our books. The wallops were earned by using incorrect grammar, spelling mistakes, etc.


I also remember my matric English teacher who was quite an inspiration with many of the different sections of subject like Shakespeare, creative writing, etc. I once had to write an essay describing an old attic. I remember Mr. Raj telling us to describe the attic so the reader would have a good picture of it in his mind. We had to research analogies, similes, metaphors, etc. I really enjoyed describing the attic.


Enough of the rumbling on about school, I will be writing content in the form of blogs. This will occur when the tools and platforms have been secured.




I would like to write content on a number of topics like Cannabis oil which I have grown, harvested and processed into CBD or Cannabidiol pronounced cannib idial. I must add that that It was a very rewarding experience. Although tedious and time consuming, it gave me a feeling of exhilaration (pun intended) knowing that I could accomplish something like that. I received the seedlings from Anthony and transplanted them into the ground in my backyard. I took Anthony’s advice, bought plant fertilizers and minerals to help the plant produce optimally. Enoch and I tended to the crop for many months and before plucking the flowers from the stems, we would hang them upside down.


I chose 2 options for extracting the oil from the bud. These were coconut oil and alcohol.


The Alcohol method entailed soaking the buds in 60% alcohol Volume which I procured from a Chinese supermarket. The highest volume allowed in this Country is 43% so I was lucky to get this. No, this is not illegal, it is imported!


I then let the buds soak for around 5 days before straining the mixture through a layer of cheese cloth. Once strained, I fill a large pot with water and get to the boil. I then add the strained Cannabis and alcohol infusion into a smaller pot which is balanced on top of the boiling water. This is a very delicate process. As the mixture heats, the alcohol evaporates and what’s left is the concentrate of the product which can be diluted with olive or coconut oil which acts as a carrier for the product




This was a great experience for me. I intend ingesting the oil from the coconut extraction to help with my type 2 Diabetes. I’m hoping that I can avoid insulin by using CBD


The alcohol extraction method, I will use topically. I mix Camphor Ceam with 8 Grandpa Powders. Neem (an extract from the Neem (a plant extract Native to Middle Eastern and some Asian Countries) is poured into the mixture.


I use for this mixture for my skin condition which I think is a form of psoriasis.


And life goes on.