Growing the Meds


Since I started noticing these scaly bumps appearing on my legs, feet and torso, I began reading up about what it could be. Well there seems to be a variety of suggestions and cures on the Web. All this overwhelming Information overload has left me confused.

I went to see my Doctor and she suggested that it could be a combination of skin disorders and prescribed a Cortisone based topical cream. This seemed to help but the flares did not stop.

I have since decided to use cannabis oil which I have been researching for some time. I have seen many articles where this oil can be infused with various Topical Creams to sooth the itching and prevent rashes from spreading.

Since I am familiar with the oil and the plant, I have decided to take you through a journey of growing the plant (Cannabis) from seed to ointment for skin conditions.

Hang on and enjoy the journey.

I will start by germinating the seeds(which can be procured from

or various sites online

The seeds can be placed in cotton wool, sprayed with water once a day and left in a warm place for germination.

do not leave in direct sunlight.